Goldline Mobility and Conversions is accredited NMEDA member.

NMEDA is a national association of mobility dealers focused on expanding transportation options for people with disabilities. To become a member, the organization must be a dealer, manufacturer or individual serving consumers with adaptive mobility needs. Each location must be QAP accredited, provide proof of relevant dealer license, provide 24/7 emergency service for customers, and submit themselves to a third-party audit to maintain membership.

Membership keeps us informed on industry issues, standards and technology. However, the major benefactor is you, our customer. You receive the following by supporting NMEDA members:

  • Individual, in-person equipment evaluations by specially trained dealers.
  • High quality products which are also approved by QAP and NMEDA.
  • Qualified support on servicing your vehicle, after the purchase. A typical mechanic at your local shop may or may not be knowledgeable on how to work on mobility modified vehicles. However, a NMEDA dealer is more than knowledgeable in maintaining these vehicles.
  • Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Accreditation. Every NMEDA dealer is required to maintain this accreditation. This provides training, information and various other qualities which maintain the highest level of service.
  • 24-hour local emergency service.