Bruno Valet Plus

Valet Plus Transfer Seat

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Brand: Bruno

Available For: SUVs Trucks Vans

Perfect for getting in and out of higher vehicles, Bruno’s Valet Plus is a transfer seat that is very versatile and packed with lots of great features. This mobility product is programmed to power rotate and can be raised and lowered to the perfect transfer height for your vehicle at the press of a button.

Bruno Valet Plus Standard Features

  • Fully powered to rotate, extend and move up and down
  • One-button operation with hand control
  • Power forward and backwards
  • Seat fully reclines and has levers on both sides of the seat to enable it to do so
  • Flip-up foot rest that is fully integrated for extra comfort
  • Made from durable, scratch-resistant materials that are also easy to clean
  • Multiple choices of fabric colours and option for leather
  • Easy to reinstall the original seat should you change vehicles
  • Meets and exceeds mandated safety standards
  • Manual backup system

Bruno Valet Plus Specifications

  • Weight capacity:  370 lb/168 kg
  • Position: Driver or passenger
  • Location: First or second row
  • Vertical Travel: 15.4 in/39 cm
  • Unit/Seat Weight: 200 lb/91 kg
  • 3-year limited warranty

If you are interested in learning more about the Valet Plus and if it is compatible with your vehicle, please contact Goldline for more information today.