Vehicle lifts are accessories that have made life infinitely more convenient for countless people with limited mobility. Whether it is a scooter or a wheelchair, vehicle lifts make it possible for those with limited mobility to go virtually anywhere their vehicle will take them.

If you or a member of your family uses a wheelchair or motorized scooter to get around, getting your vehicle ready is paramount. Here’s how to proceed:

Choosing a Type of Lift

Before you set up the vehicle with a lift, you have to decide what type of lift you need or want. You can choose from interior or exterior lifts with manual or power operation. Manual platform lifts are more budget-friendly than power lifts, but a power lift is easier to operate.

Lifts that are secured to the exterior of the vehicle won’t take up valuable space on the inside, but interior lifts offer protection from the elements. The choice is obviously important and several factors must be taken into consideration before you decide which type is right. Budget is one factor, but so is the type of mobility equipment you use and the type of vehicle you have.

Professional Installation

Probably the safest and most efficient way to equip your vehicle with a scooter or wheelchair lift is to turn it over to the experts. Converting a vehicle so it is wheelchair or scooter accessible is a lot to handle, even for the most seasoned DIY’er.

The lift needs to function 100 percent of the time, and even the slightest misstep during the installation could result in damage to the vehicle, the wheelchair or scooter, or a serious injury. The main benefit that companies like Goldline Mobility have is experience. Basically, we have done this before and we know exactly what is right for your specific situation.

If there was only one type of lift out there and the same installation instructions applied to every kind of vehicle, doing it yourself might be a good option. However, your options are many and professional opinion and installation is usually your best bet.