About Bruno Mobility Equipment

Bruno Mobility Equipment LogoThe primary goal of Bruno Mobility Equipment is to make life easier for people with limited mobility by providing mobility equipment and products that make transportation effortless. Their products are available worldwide, and they have won awards for their innovative and helpful mobility equipment. They are committed to quality and safety as they strive to produce products that allow customers with mobility concerns to lead independent lives. Goldline Mobility is proud to offer Bruno Mobility Equipment for your vehicle, and we want to help you personally select the best options and systems for you and your mobility needs.

Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts

A scooter or wheelchair lift makes it easy to stow your scooter or wheelchair in your vehicle for travel. This mobility equipment is available in forms adapted for sedans, trucks, minivans, or SUVs to make transfer and travel uncomplicated. The sedan version is specially adapted for a low-profile so that it does not obstruct visual fields while driving. If you have a truck, your scooter or wheelchair can be placed in the truck bed or behind the truck itself. For minivans, there are options for an interior platform lift to make storage of your scooter or wheelchair even easier. Many models have been developed to accommodate different types of equipment ranging from lightweight wheelchairs to scooters and power wheelchairs. Additional options include hoist-style and interior exterior platform-style lifts.

Valet Signature Transfer Seats

Bruno has created a Valet Seating system to provide the solutions you need to easily and comfortably transfer to and from your seat in the car. This system power rotates and elevates the seat in and out for a smooth transfer from your vehicle to your scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair.

The Valet Plus system is perfect for many vehicles to make entering and exiting uncomplicated. The motorized mechanism allows you to turn the chair, descend or ascend, and transfer seamlessly. It can be installed in either the driver or passenger seat position for increased versatility and can lift up to 370 pounds. It replaces the vehicle’s original seat

The Valet Limited Automatically reclines as it moves through the door frame to provide extra head clearance for select vehicles.

The Valet LV is perfect for sedans. It can manually slide beyond the door frame for added accessibility, and it can be installed in either the passenger or driver’s seat position. With the push of a button, you can rotate your seat with ease. A weight limit of 330 pounds and a three-year limited warranty add to its appeal.